Basic Sales Training

In our humble opinion, basic sales training is suitable for those individuals who have had little or no sales training before.

Notice that this isn’t the same as ‘little or no sales experience of selling before’, because there are plenty of salespeople in business today, who’ve had some success in selling, but who’ve also had no formal training. Normally, this skills gap means that the untrained salesman has to work twice or three times as hard to achieve the same results as his training competitors - We think this situation is unfair and we are determined to address it, and to make the process of selling for these people a less stressful and more rewarding experience.

So, if you (or your team) haven’t had any formal training before then don’t worry, because you’ve come to the right people. We are very expert in what we do, and we can help you very well.

Unlike some bargain-basement sales training seminars that you can attend at your local Holiday Inn (that seemingly always promise to make you into a “world-class sales-genius in just 60 minutes”) at XYZ we take more sensible approach, and offer professional sales programs that are highly tailored to your individual needs. As a consequence of this tailoring, we can’t give you a precise list of what will be included in your course, but do we have the opportunity to cover topics such as:

- Opening conversations
- Handling gatekeepers
- Open and closed questions
- Basic sales formulas
- Using silence
- Raising desire
- Buying signals
- Linking features to benefits
- Simple closing techniques
- Objection handling
- Final price negotiations

…and anything else that you feel that you (or your team) need to help with.

To discuss your requirements further, and how best we can put together a program that’s just right for you, please give us a call on 01628 306 087 (or email us at and we will be very happy to help you !