Advanced Sales Training

Advanced sales training is for those individuals who have had formal sales training previously, and who’d would now like to increase their sales skills and sales success rate.

Given the fact that we offer professional sales training programs, your advanced sales training will be highly tailored to your individual needs. Consequently, we can’t publish below a precise list of what will be included in your own course – However, we do have the opportunity to cover topics such as:

- Framing/re-framing
- Anchoring
- Knowing price vs recognising value
- Quotation documentation
- Quote timing and follow-up
- Interpreting quote responses correctly
- Using closed questions
- Shaping negotiation timelines
- The uses of NLP in sales
- Tone of voice
- Body language
- Psychographic matching
- Objection interdiction
- Underdeveloped needs
- Implication questions
- Developed needs
- Undisclosed needs and parallel construction
- Internal advocacy
- Advanced sales formulas
- Shared value
- Voltairic listening (Cold Reading)
- Druker Listening (Cold Reading)
- Common tells.
- Prospecting
- Lead Qualification
- Advancements vs Continuations

In addition to these topics, if you or your colleagues have not been on a sales training course for a while, then we also have the opportunity to re-cap some basic sales training principles, such as: opening conversations, handling gatekeepers, open and closed questions, using silence, linking features to benefits, closing techniques, final price negotiations, and anything else that you feel that you or your team need to help with.

To discuss your requirements further, and how best we can put together a program that’s just right for you, please give us a call on 01628 306 087 or email us at and we will be very happy to help you !