Sales Training

At Vendatum, we like to do things differently. Our sales training courses aren't based on isolated presentations or one-off workshop sessions. Instead, they're comprised of a professional 3-part process, where we help your staff step-by-step, and where we focus on real-life results for your team and your products.

The 3 parts of the Vendatum Process are:

Listening: Here we take the time to understand your business,  your competitor environment, your sales targets, and your sales team's current skill level. After this initial consultation, we'll then suggest a training package, that's tailored-made just for you.

We can do this listening over the phone, but if the sales training is not for you, or if it’s for a group of people, then we normally recommend visiting you and your colleagues in person - to identify the exact areas where training is needed. After all, there’s no point coaching your team on on sales topics A, B and C, if the candidate(s) actually need help with topics G, E and F.

Learning: Once we've agreed on the topics that need to be covered, we'll then set a training date that convenient for you and we will come to your location again and give your staff their initial training. If we are working with just one person, then a half day will probably be sufficient, but if you request a session involving more than one person, then we will likely need a whole day, in order to give each candidate sufficient attention.

Embedding: The final stage of the process is a follow-up visit to your team, approximately 10 weeks after the first visit. In this training session we re-cap all that was discussed before, and we assess how well the candidates have gotten-on in the meantime. Unlike other sales trainers, who wave you goodbye at the end of their seminar, never to see you again, at Vendatum we care about your onward success, and this is why we run catch-up visits.

The aim of this second 'embedding' session is to ensure that the candidate(s) have assimilated as much information as possible into their normal working practices. This final session also helps to resolve any remaining gremlins that they might have experienced when they came to put their initial training into practice, in the real world.

At the end of this program, certificates are awarded to the candidates, which can then be included in their formal training records.

If you are interested in sales training courses for you or your team, then please feel free to read more about our Basic Sales Training, or our Advanced Sales Training, or even our Sales Negotiation Training. Alternatively, please give just us a call on 01628 306 087 (or email us at and we will be very happy to help !