Clean-Sheet Strategy

If you’re starting a new business, and you’d like to find a clean-sheet sales strategy template then you’re unlikely to source something from the web that fits your company perfectly – as there’s normally a bit of tailoring involved in making it just right for you, for your products and your marketplace.

That said, if you wanted to know what your ideal strategy might look like, then the 5 points below could offer you a handy starting point for your thoughts:

[1] To actually have a plan, written down on paper, which features the bare bones of sales strategy – for example: the agreed number of product or services to be offered during the launch phase, the pricing strategies for these products/services, the profitability of each product/service, the numbers of products that need to be sold in a given time-frame in order to cover costs, the number of people that we be required (and the geographic area that will need to be covered) in order to hit this sales target.

[2] To have a plan that is demonstrably anchored in reality (and here we suggest that this might be ‘reality checked’ by a neutral outside analyst such as Vendatum).

[3] To make sure that everybody in the team understands what they should be doing and when - and that everybody in the launch team is signed-up to this.

[4] To make the plan as flexible possible: so that it can survive its initial encounters with your target audience.

[5] To make the numbers as conservative as possible: so that minor variations in real-life success rates relative to theorised success rates, do not derail the company’s finances.

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