What are the best sales tips?

Whilst it's easy to ask: "What are the best sales tips?" it's a bit harder to give a definitive answer. This is because the best sales tips for a conversation with one customer, might not be the best tips in respect of another. In fact, the tips that worked very well with one customer, may work very badly indeed with another, and reduce your chances of getting a sale.

In view of this, perhaps a better question might be: "What are the best sales tips to use in 'Scenario A' or 'Situation B' ?"  By asking these more sophisticated questions, one is beginning to understand that there's an element of judgement involved in the use of sale tips and selling techniques.

To practice these judgement calls further, you might choose use a trial-and-error approach in your everyday working environment, or you may want to sign-up to a professional sales training program, which will get you up-to-speed far quicker, and where you can learn and make mistakes in a safe environment (i.e. where there isn't real-life income depending on the outcome of your experiment).

How you choose to proceed is up to you - but if you opt for the professional training, then we'll be happy to help you. For more information about our tailor-made sales training, just give us a call on: 01628 306 087 (or email us at: info@vendatum.com) and let's have a chat about how we can help you best !