What Are 'Sales Leads' ?

Sales Leads are pieces of contact information related to a customer who has the potential to be interested in the product or service that you sell. These leads can be further subdivided into two main types: qualified sales leads and unqualified sales leads.

Unqualified Sales Leads can be very vague pieces of contact information, such as an advert for a company who appears to be in the same line of business as one of your customers, but with whom you have never spoken. They are termed ‘unqualified’ because they have shown intent (which means that they've never expressed an interest in your product/service). They can be converted (turned into sales), but the success rate is frequently patchy and unpredictable.

Qualified Sales Leads are pieces of contact information from companies or individuals who have in some way expressed and interest in your product/service. These might be emails from interested parties who have seen your website, or business cards from prospective clients that you've met at a trade show. Sales people normally regarded qualified leads as more valuable, due to to the fact that they are more likely to lead to a sale.

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