What are the best sales closing techniques?

There are many different sales closing techniques that one can use in order to bring a sales process to an end. The common ones include:

  • The Assumptive close
  • The Alternate close
  • The Straight close
  • The Conditional close
  • The Golden Bridge close
  • The Distress close.

That said, there are another 70 that one can use !

The the real skill in closing is knowing when to do so, and which technique is appropriate for the circumstances. To learn this, and to be able to do this well, you need a high quality sales training program.

Whilst you might be tempted to invest in a low-cost seminar (typically held in a local hotel, along with 350 people, all of whom are sell different products and services, and all of whom are at different levels of sales skill), we would suggest that this approach is unlikely to give you the result that you want, and/or the specific skills that you'll need in order to sell your own product in real life.

A wiser approach might be to invest in a tailored sales program, where your staff are trained by someone who has taken the time to understand your marketplace, the unique selling points of your products, and the range of talents that you have within your commercial team. With this approach, you can go as fast and or slow as you like (nobody is watching the clock) and you also get plenty of opportunity to put the training in to practice, and to feel confident about it and yourself.

If you, or any member of your team, would like to have this confidence and skill when speaking to customers, then why not give us a call on: 01628 306 807  or email us at: info@vendatum.com to discuss a tailored sales-training program, that’s just right for you !