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Welcome to Vendatum: We help SME companies to increase sales, and we can help you too !

For example, we can help you to develop your first sales strategy or we can assist you in the improvement of your existing sales strategy. If you'd like to read more about sales strategies in general, then just click here ...or for more in-depth topics, please click on any of the following areas of interest:

Writing Your First Sales Plan

Clean Sheet Sales Strategy

Improving an Existing Sales Strategy

We can also help you to analyse your sales performance and process; both in isolation and in relation to your competitors. We can offer suggestions as to how your performance might be improved, and in what order these improvements should be tackled. If this is of interest, then you can read more about the options here.

In addition to the services above, we can help your sales staff reach their full potential with high-quality sales training programs designed specifically for them. For further reading on the Vendatum Technique of sales training, please click here ... or for information on our typical courses, please click on any of the categories below:

Basic Sales Training

Advanced Sales Training

Sales Negotiation Training

That said, if you'd just like to speak to a human being about the issues you face, please just give us a call on 01628 306 087 and we'll be very happy to help you...